Wedding Wednesday Kirsten + Weston

Posted on December 10, 2015

Kirsten + Weston

From Andrew Jade Photography

The best love stories happen from the deepest friendships.

This is so true with Weston + Kirsten. From the moment we met, the first word that popped into my mind was FUN! During our first Skype call ever, when they picked up the phone, I was completely surprised! Typically my Skype calls involve the couple sitting on the couch together, or in their home office, or even in the kitchen. When Kirsten and Weston appeared on my screen, they were lounging by the pool, complete with sunglasses, fedoras, beach clothes, and the most joyful smiles I had ever seen. I loved them instantly. They informed me that they were having a stay-cation… which we quickly found out is one of their favorite things to do. The pool, a few drinks, and relaxing together. Really just BEING TOGETHER is their favorite thing. Whether it’s out riding bikes, tanning, meeting friends for dinner, or just cuddling up, being together means more to them than anything in the world.

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