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The Best Stories
Aren't Told,
They're Lived

Welcome to El Chorro Lodge. Affinity, camaraderie, and certainly some spirited late night revelry is all on tap. Because that is often, how legends are born.
Fun and drinks Fun and drinks

Find yourself in good company at El Chorro Lodge, where great nights have a way of becoming legendary memories.

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Generations of Valley residents, visitors, and celebrities
have traveled to this serene setting at the base of the stunning Camelback and Mummy mountains. With its breathtaking views and unmatched Arizona charm, El Chorro is an excellent setting for any occasion — be it
a relaxed brunch, or romantic dinner.

Evening gathering Evening gathering

There’s Nothing Regular
About Our Regulars

Movers, shakers and movie stars. Cowboys and cowboy painters. Royalty and rabble rousers. We’ve got one of every stripe and we always keep a stool open for the next character who wanders in.

Amy the elephant

Where Tradition Meets
The Truly Original

From classic favorites to exciting new creations,
each dish at El Chorro crafted to perfection.

Come Curious,
Leave Interesting

Rich tradition, culinary excellence, and unparalleled romance come together at El Chorro Lodge to create an experience that is purely Paradise Valley.